Bigjigs Toys

Bigjigs Toys- Marble Run


Build a colourful Wooden Marble Run and watch in delight as the marbles roll down from the top to bottom! Supplied with a variety of wooden pieces to create lots of different designs. Children can construct, problem solve, and learn about force and motion when playing with the Bigjigs Wooden Marble Run.

Children will enjoy building from scratch as they plan, design and test their own constructions. This wooden patterned and natural pieces marble run allows the marbles to run flat along the tracks. A fun way to build surprising suspended tracks by connecting cubes to straight tracks in a thousand different combinations. Keep trying and changing until you find the right one that makes the marble run along the track without stopping.

The blocks are brightly coloured building and structure and the natural wooden blocks serve as rails. It is perfect for creative play sessions. Can be used in kindergarten, childcare centres or at home. Develops creativity and hand-/eye co-ordination though building and imaginative play. This item supports a STEM and a STEAM based approach in early childhood. It encourages and develops the problem solving, perseverance and creative thinking that are integral to STEM and STEAM.

An excellent resource for the early learning environment.

Ages 3+ years. The box contains 52 pieces.

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