Partum Panties

Partum Panties- Peri Bottle


An ABSOLUTE essential for your postpartum recovery!

The use of a peri bottle will provide relief to your perineum, whilst keeping the area clean and further assist in postpartum healing. 

Ergonomically designed and specifically made to be held upside down with a narrow angled neck for a continuous and targeted stream of relief.

A must have for your hospital bag!

Perineal Care and Hygiene – How your peri bottle can help you.

Taking the time to practice good hygiene while struggling with the demands of life with a newborn can be hard but it is so important. Simply applying water to the site twice a day will help with healing, and if you can manage it mixing a little Witch Hazel and Arnica in with your water will help with inflammation and bruising. You can apply by dabbing gently with a damp cloth or if you want a cleaner solution using a water bottle - but the angle can be tricky. A neater solution is using a Peri Bottle. Peri Bottles are uniquely shaped to be held upside down, with a narrow-angled neck for a continuous and targeted stream of relief.

To learn other ways of taking care of your perineum post-partum, see our blog post below:

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