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The Very Hungary Caterpillar


Meet the Unique Joeys of the Land Down Under

All baby marsupials are known as joeys, yet they come in many different shapes and sizes.

Read along as we visit some of Australia's 
rareendangered and lesser-known baby marsupials.

Where Art Meets Knowledge

Renowned author-illustrator Renee Treml once again perfectly blends engaging storytelling with gorgeous illustrations. Her signature touch elevates 
This Little Joey from a regular board book to an enchanting literary experience.

Unlock Learning and Exploration

By sharing 
This Little Joey with your child, you'll provide them with-

* Vocabulary Expansion- Introduces new words and names that enrich language skills.
* Cognitive Development- Encourages pattern recognition and comparison skills, essential for early learning.
* Cultural Enrichment- Encourages an authentic connection to Australian heritage through native wildlife.
* Emotional Intelligence- Teaches about the care and nurturing within marsupial families, offering opportunities for discussing empathy and relationships.

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