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Custom 3D Personalised Birth Plaque


The Personalised Birth Plaque is a series of illustrated drawing that will remind you of how small your baby was at birth.   This is a scale of 1:1.  and is the actual length your baby was at birth.   If your baby’s length was 50 cm at birth then the height of the illustrated baby will be exactly 50cm.   At the bottom we engrave your baby’s birth details – name, date, time, length, weight, and place of birth.

The image is 3D, so the baby illustration will be raised effect on the timber wood with your choice of 3d colour (including mirror finish).

Pictures shown are rose gold mirror and provence (dusty blue). 

Please allow up to 7-14 day turnaround time.

 In the notes at the checkout please cope and past belwo and provide us with all the details:  

Full Name (first,middle & last):
Date of birth:
Time of birth:
Length at birth:
Weight at birth:
Place of birth:
Specifications: Each item is made from premium 19mm thick natural pine wood. They can be stuck to the wall with 3M command strips. To be used for indoor use only. Each piece is unique as wood is a natural product and no two pieces are ever the same so your name plaque will likely look slightly different to the one photographed here.
By placing your order, you understand that colors and wood grain vary from monitor/screen to in-person. You acknowledge that handmade products may differ ever so slightly from the photos on the website.

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