Bed Head Hats

Bedhead Hats Bucket Hat- Grey Marle

Baby Bucket Hats for Boys, Girls and Unisex - Baby Sun Hats
The baby hat that actually fits a baby! Our baby bucket sun hat is rated UPF 50+ - The highest in sun hat protection for baby girls and baby boys! 
So many parents shared my frustration in not being able to find a baby hat that really fit a small baby. The hats that most brands say fit a newborn – just don’t! Until now... The Bedhead Baby Bucket hat sizing starts at an ‘oh-so-tiny’ 37cm circumference. Made from our lightweight and super-stretchy cotton elastane knit, the hat grows with baby. The brim is constructed of a flexible reinforcing that also allows for growth – without flopping over babies eyes. Folds up neatly into your baby-bag so you are always ready for sunny days out & about.

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