Bubba Bump

Bubba Bump - Labour and Birth Comb



A comb that helps the pain of labour and birth? YES!

How does it work? 

By holding the comb with the teeth pressed against inwards to your palm it can distract you from the pain of your contraction and actually naturally help ease the discomfort of labour. Keep the teeth pointing just below where your fingers meet your palm

By focusing on the feeling of the comb, it can help during the intensity of contractions. The wonders of reflexology and acupressure to aide in natural labour and birth pain management!

This is called the 'Gate Control Theory' - essentially the comb hits on the correct acupressure points in your hand and helps ease the pain - your mind can only process so many sensations at once and the comb gives your mind something else to feel instead of just contractions. The nerve endings are closer on your hands and as a result they reach your brain faster assisting your body to forget about the contractions.

Squeeze as the contraction heightens and slowly release in line with the contractions. An amazing natural drug free pain relief option for pain management in labour. 

Our unique design is longer and more ergonomic - making for a more comfortable and easier grip. 

Fun Fact - you can even use the birth comb in other situations to mitigate pain naturally - think breastfeeding pain and discomfort and afterpains postpartum!

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