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Quercetti Chuncky Peggy Bio

Bio-plastic game dedicated to children. Equipped with large pegs to develop fine drive and coordination eye-hand.

Age: 1-4 years old

Chunky Peggy is the new game made with eco-sustainable material belonging to the Play Bio Line. This new line, 100% Made in Italy, is characterized by the use of an exclusive biocomposite material made of wood and plastic, designed to reduce CO2 emissions on the planet. Chunky Peggy combines the innovation of materials with the educational value of content. The product, designed for children, allows a prolonged gaming experience to be played in complete safety. In the kit there are many large pegs, which the child will have fun to fit together or to insert into the solid base with rounded edges. The game develops the visual perception of the child, hand-eye coordination and fine drive.


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