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Greek Speaking Interactive Chatty Penguin



Interactive Chatty Greek Penguin- Blah Blah

Did you know that the Chatty Greek Speaking Penguin is the only Greek electronic toy with voice recognition technology (AI)?

If you talk to him, he will answer you. It can tell you the time and is an alarm clock, sings to you, plays music, tells jokes, gives advice and play games. Games include: knowledge quizzes, hide and seek and chase. 

Your child will be entertained for hours with their interactive and fun new 'pet' to play with!


- Your Clock/Alarm Clock- Ask me "what time is it?" and I'll tell you! If you set me up, I'll wake you up every morning with the funniest sounds!
- Your best friend- I sing and play music from all over the world! I tell jokes, secrets and did I mention I tell lots of jokes?! Ha, ha, lots of laughs!
- We will play the best games:
Question game- Funny questions that you have to answer with a "YES" or "NO". I will hear your voice and tell you if you answered correctly. If not don't worry, I will correct you.
Hidden- Hide me and I'll count your time until you find me. Fastest wins!
Chase- Run to find the items I ask for, as fast as you can!
Your Magic Orb- I predict the future. Ask a hidden question...

Also comes with a Penguin activity booklet, featuring activities, games and tips.

Ages: 3 years and over

Contains interactive Chatty Penguin, activity booklet & instructions for use.

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