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Jellystone- Peekaboo Sensory Bag- Beach


Discover the squishy & tactile portable sensory toy! The Peekaboo Sensory Bag is filled with weighted beads and fun themed figurines for little ones to discover. All the sensory feedback they need without the mess! It is perfectly designed to engage sight, touch and sound while helping to calm and relax. The Peekaboo Bag comes totally sealed & safe for little ones to explore. 

With a simple squeeze, children can engage in an exciting game of "eye spy" as they discover the adorable figurines hidden inside. Designed with babies in mind, the Peekaboo Sensory Bag provides endless tactile stimulation, encouraging them to scrunch, squeeze, and stretch to their heart's content. Crafted with a durable silicone exterior and a plastic window, this bag is built to withstand curious hands and eager playtimes. 

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