Bed Head Hats

Bedhead Hats Legionnaire Hat- Grey Marle

Legionnaire Sun Hats for babies & kids UPF50+ Shop online for great summer styles
The hat kids forget they're wearing! The Bedhead Legionnaire Hat is a great starting point in sun safety for babies. It has been specially created to be worn in prams and baby carriers.
When it comes to ultimate comfort - the Bedhead Legionnaire Hat is king. So soft and comfortable over ears and the back of neck, this is the sun hat that converts hat-haters into hat-lovers! Lightweight and super-stretchy, parents are always astonished how their little ones don't even notice that it's on their head! When babies wear hats, headbands or beanies from a very young age, they are much more inclined to be happy-hat-wearers throughout their childhood. This hat is the start of teaching your precious one sun-safety skills for life!

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