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Little Brand Builders- My Routine Board


Our daily routine chart will set your child's morning and evening routines perfectly. The visuals make it easy for all to understand and the wooden tiles are durable and easy to move. 

Simply set the routine up for morning and evening on the top row and kids have to move the tile down once completed. A great visual that requires no effort but you reap all the benefits!

These boards will mean no more repeating yourself and will also give your child independence, confidence and predictability. Who wouldn't want that!

There are 26 pictured tiles to cover all your routines as well as 2 blank tiles for any additional tasks that aren't already included. It can be displayed in two ways; hanging or on it's stand that is included. 

Tiles include:

Make bed, brush teeth, fill water bottle, unpack school bag, pack school bag, clean room, clothes to basket, pack luncbox, quiet time, get dressed, hang towel, outside time, feed pets, eat breakfast, take rubbish out, pack away, homework, read, chores, bath/shower, put pjs on, eat dinner, put laundry away, affirmations, brush teeth, set dining table, blank, blank. 

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