No Nasties

No Nasties- Natural Plant Based Hair Detangler in Strawberry


There’s no SLS, SLES, EDTA or Parabens (almost the whole alphabet…)

🌻 Gluten free (not to be served with pie, even though it smells like it should be)

🌱 Vegan

🦄 Sulphate free

🙌 Cruelty free (as in no children were forced to endure embarrassment from their parents during the making of this product)

No really, Cruelty Free SLiCK KiDS™ natural/plant-based

SLiCK KiDS™ natural/plant-based Hair Detangler will allow your brush or comb to run smoothly through your hair, ensuring no more breakages and no more tears. Native Australian Emu Apple extract provides natural conditioning and hair detangling properties while calming, soothing Chamomile extract imparts brightness and shine. Enjoy an invigorating scent of Sweet Strawberry.


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