Timber Tinkers

Timber Tinkers- Pregnancy Milestone Plaques


Wooden Pregnancy Milestone Discs

Featuring classic etching. This beautiful set is a fresh modern twist on the popular wooden milestone discs. They capture those precious moments of your pregnancy that you don’t want to forget.

Specifications: This set includes 21 individual discs etched on quality 3mm timber, packaged in a beautiful calico cotton bag tied up with string Each disc is approximately 9.5 cm wide and is lovingly hand sanded and packaged with care.

By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge that our handmade discs may contain unique imperfections in the timber and laser work due to the natural nature of the product. This is not considered a fault, but rather a reflection of the unique natural beauty of the raw materials we use.

Set includes:

  • Hello World
  • My Love
  • Home Time
  • Nursery is ready
  • Officially on Mat Leave
  • Excited to Meet You
  • Today we heard your heart beat
  • Baby Shower Day
  • Your First Ultrasound
  • Twelve Weeks
  • Fifteen Weeks
  • Twenty Weeks
  • Twenty Five Weeks
  • Thirty Weeks
  • Thirty Five Weeks
  • Today is your Due Date
  • Hospital Bag is ready
  • Today I felt you kick
  • Our first ultrasound
  • It’s a Boy


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