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Tomy - Octopals


A bestselling item from the Toomies family, the Octopals just love bath time. This 10-part playset includes a floating island, eight multi-coloured characters and Mum Tala the Octopus in the middle. Turn her upside down and she doubles as a pouring cup with an exciting shower feature, perfect for water play.

Each of the Octopals has a different cheery face that babies will engage with. Dunk any one of them in the bath tub, give the soft pliable material a squeeze and it turns into a water squirter.

Their bases feature a suction cup so you can stick them to the sides of the bath, on wall tiles or any smooth surface. In or out of the bath, this toy will provide hours of fun with a choice of matching games that will keep children entertained as they grow older.

Kids can play a numbers matching game as each Octopal baby has a number on their back that corresponds to their space on the island.

Easy to handle, made of durable material, Octopals will help develop your child’s motor skills, dexterity and water confidence.

No batteries required.

Suitable for children aged 12 months and over.


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